Dec 062016

imageThe Democratic Women’s Club of Watauga County is once again hosting a Holiday Party for local Democrats and their friends on Sunday afternoon, December 11, 3-5 p.m., at the Agricultural Conference Center on Poplar Grove Rd. in Boone.

“It’s a pot-luck party,” said Women’s Club President Loretta Clawson, “so if you want to you can bring something to share, something sweet or something savory — it doesn’t matter. And if you can’t bring anything, that’s all right. We’re Democrats, and we always have plenty of food for everyone!”

President Clawson announced that the famous Sisters of Perpetual Sarcasm would be performing, and there will be “tons” of door prizes which will be given out.

“We have plenty of reason to celebrate the season,” Clawson added, “from a new governor to a new County Commission. Come join us!”

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