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Annual Community Plant Sale

Master Plant List

Updated for 2017


For the FULLY ILLUSTRATED guide to some of our FEATURED PLANTS this year — perennial flowers, shrubs & trees, fruit, lilies, dahlias, and collector day lilies — pending … direct link will be posted soon.

This is a partial listing, as plants are added on a daily basis. This list also includes cultivars that have been ordered from commercial growers and seeds sown. Sometimes those do not come through.

This list is alphabetized mainly by common name, with some cross-referencing to botanical names.

Details about the Sale:

imageOne day only! June 10, 2017, starting at 7 a.m. (sorry, no sales earlier than that … DON’T EVEN THINK OF ASKING!). Prices start at $1 and range upward, depending on the genus, the age and size of the plant, and its rarity. Availability of many of the species listed below will be extremely limited.

 This year’s theme — “Return of the Natives.”

Once again, we’ll be selling a fine selection of outdoor furniture and garden accessories as well as a group of specially made birdhouses (made by us!).

The price list for the cultivars below won’t be developed until just before the sale, but most perennials sell for $1-$3, annuals $1, trees & shrubs & very rare plants may go as high as $15/$20.

Ron and Suzanne Joyner of Big Horse Creek Farm in Ashe County will also be on hand with a selection of two-year-old heirloom grafted apple trees.

WHERE: Home of Pam & Jerry Williamson (“Aunt Pymm’s Table Antiques”), 375 Old 421 South, Boone NC 28607.

The Williamson gardens will be open to the public.

All proceeds go to support the Watauga County Democratic Party.


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NEW IN 2017 ABUTILON, “Bellvue Mixed” and “Bella Select”

ACANTHUS, Spiny Bear’s Breeches, both mollis and spinosus

Agapanthus "Blue Donau"

Agapanthus “Blue Donau”


AGERATUM, “Blue Hawaii 5.0”

AKEBIA, Chocolate vine

ALLIUM, flowering onions, various cultivars


ALSTROMERIA, perennial

NEW IN 2017 ANEMONE “Wild Swan”

ARBOVITAE, Thuja standishii x plicata, “Green Giant”

ARTEMISIA vulgaris,“Oriental Limelight”; ARTEMESIA ludoviciana, silver king wormwood

NEW IN 2017 ARGULA, “Roquette”

ASARUM, see Ginger

ASPARAGUS, “Purple Passion”

ASTER, Eurybia divaricata star wood aster; New England aster; NEW IN 2017, China aster, Callistephus chinensis, “Hulk”

ASTILBE various cultivars, various colors; NEW IN 2017, Amethyst Astilbe

ASTRANTIA, see Masterwort

AZALEA, Rhododendron calendulaceum, flame Azalea, “Tangerine Dream”

BABY’S BREATH Gypsophila paniculata, “Festival White”; NEW IN 2017 Elegans alba grandiflora

BALSAM “Peppermint Stick”

NEW IN 2017 BAPTISIA, false Indigo, “Twilite”

NEW IN 2017 BEAN, “Mascotte” green bean; “Purple Teepee” dwarf; runner bean, “Sunset”

NEW IN 2017 BEAUTY BERRY bushes, Callicarpa americana

BEEBALM, Monarda, “Jacob Cline”; NEW IN 2017, Monarda hybrida “Bergamo”

BEGONIA, RHIZOMATOUS, various cultivars; B. semperflorens, “Nightlife Mix”

BELLFLOWER, spotted, Campanula punctata; BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND in 2017 “Pink Octopus”

BETTONY, Stachys officinalis

BLACKBERRIES, “Triple Crown” thornless

BLACKBERRY LILY, Iris domestica

BLACK COHOSH, Cimicifuga racemosa atropurpurea, a.k.a. Actaea racemosa

BLACK MONDO GRASS, Ophiopogon planiscapus

BLACK-EYED SUSAN, Rudbeckia hirta; BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND IN 2017, “Denver Daisy”; NEW IN 2017 “Little Henry”

NEW IN 2017 BLACK-EYED SUSAN VINE, white “Susie” series; “Arizona Dark Red”

BLACK GUM TREE, see Tupelo Black Gum

BLEEDING HEART, wild, Dicentra canadensis, “Squirrel Corn”



BLUE FESCUE, Festuca ovina var. Glauca

BLUE LYME GRASS, Arenarius glaucus

NEW IN 2017 BOLTONIA, “Snowbank”

NEW IN 2017 BONESET, Eupatorium perfoliatum


NEW IN 2017 BUTTONBUSH, Cephalanthus occidentalis

CALENDULA, NEW IN 2017 “Touch of Red”; “Frost Princess”

CAMASSIA esculenta

CAMPANULA, see Bellflower

CANARY VINE, see under Nasturtium

CAROLINA SWEET SHRUB (a.k.a. “Carolina Allspice,” “Bubby Bush”)

NEW IN 2017 CARROT, Parisian

CATMINT, Nepeta racemosa, “Early Bird”

CATNIP, Nepeta cataria

CELANDINE POPPY, Stylophorum diphyllum

CENTAUREA montana, Mountain Bluets

CHAMELEON PLANT, Houttuynia cordata

CHARD, rainbow, “Five Color Silverbeet”

CHIVES, Allium schoenoprasum

Chrysanthemum "Garland Daisy"

Chrysanthemum “Garland Daisy”

CHRYSANTHEMUM “SHEFFIELD,” hardy Chrysanthemum; Chrysanthemum parthenium dwarf; “Global Warming” Chrysanthemums; NEW IN 2017, Chrysanthemum coronarium, Garland daisy; mini chrysanthemum


CIRCLE FLOWER, Lysimachia punctata “Alexander”

CLEMATIS, “My Angel,” small-flower Clematis

NEW IN 2017 COCKSCOMB, dwarf, “Coral Garden Mix”


COLEUS (different cultivars), Solenostemon scutellarioides

COLUMBINE, Aquilegia canadensis (various colors)

CONEFLOWER, “Hot Papaya”; Rudbeckia subtomentosa, “Henry Eilers”

CORAL BELLS, see Heuchera

NEW IN 2017 CORALBERRY, Symphoricarpos orbiculatus

NEW IN 2017 CORN, “Golden Midget”; “Painted Mountain”

CORNCOCKLE, “Milas Mixed”


COSMOS, “Xanthos”; NEW IN 2017, C. bipinnatus, “Fizzy Rose Picotee”; “Cupcakes White”

CREEPING JENNY, Lysimachia nummularia “Aurea”

NEW IN 2017, CRESS, Persian cress

CROCOSMIA, “Lucifer”; “Jenny Bloom”

NEW IN 2017 CUCUMBER, “Patio Snacker”

NEW IN 2017 CUPID’S DART, Catananche caerulea var. Alba

NEW IN 2017 Cymbalaria muralis, Kenilworth ivy


DAHLIAS: NEW FOR THE 2017 SALE “Arabian Night” (decorative); “Lindsay Michelle” (cactus); “Alauna-Clair Obscur” (cactus); “Party” (single); “Peter” (ball); “Sunny Boy” (ball); White Perfection” (dinnerplate); “Vancouver” (dinnerplate); “Grand Prix” (dinnerplate); “Peter” (miniature ball)

NEW IN 2017, DAME’S ROCKET, Hesperis matronalis

DAYLILY, Hemerocallis, named cultivars: ; plus unnamed (unknown) varieties


NEW IN 2017 DIANTHUS superbus “Rainbow”; Sweet William Dianthus

DRAGONWORT, Persicaria bistorta “Superba”

ECHINACEA, see Coneflower

NEW IN 2017 ELEPHANT EARS, Colocasia

ENDIVE, “Frisee”

EPIMEDIUM, see Fairy Wings

NEW IN 2017 EUONYMOUS americanus, strawberry bush (a.k.a., “Hearts a-Busting”)

EUPHORBIA, see Spurge

FAIRY WINGS (a.k.a. Bishops’ Mitre), Epimedium, various cultivars

FENNEL, bronze

NEW IN 2017 FENUGREEK greens

FERNS, Ostrich • Sensitive • Wood • NEW IN 2017 “Ghost” fern; NEW IN 2017 Autumn ferns, Dryopteris erythrosora


FILIPENDULA rubra, Queen of the Prairie; F. ulmaria, Meadowsweet

FOAM FLOWER, see Tiarella

FORGET-ME-NOT, Brunnera macrophylla, “Langtrees” and other cultivars; NEW IN 2017 “Mystery Rose” Chinese forget-me-not


NEW IN 2014 FOUR O’CLOCK, wild, Mirabilis longiflora

NEW IN 2017 FOXGLOVE, “Summer King”; “Rusty” Digitalis ferruginea gigantea

GAURA lindheimeri “Summer Breeze”

GERANIUM maculatum, “Espresso”; G. oxonianum, “Claridge Druce”; G. macrorihizum (bigfoot cranesbill); G. sanguineum “Max Frei”; G. platyanthum, “Wooly”; “Johnson’s Blue” Geranium; Geranium “Dusky”; also see Pelargonium, hot-house geranium

NEW IN 2017 GILIA tricolor (annual), Birds Eyes

GINGER, Asarum (various cultivars, both native American and Asian)

The "Boone" Gladiolus

The “Boone” Glad

GLADIOLUS dalenii,” Boone” (1920’s heirloom); Gladiolus combo, “Jester”/”Manhattan”; G. acidanthera, “Peacock”; Gladiolus “Prins Claus”

GOLDENROD, Solidago “Gold Spangles” variegated

GRASS, Miscanthus sinensis zebrinus Zebragrass; Imperata cyclindrica “Rubra” Japanese bloodgrass; Dwarf Mondo grass; Black Mondo grass

NEW in 2017 Hazel nut shrubs Corylus americana

NEW in 2017 HEAL-ALL Prunella vulgaris

HELLEBORUS, see Lenten Rose


HEUCHERA, NEW IN 2017 “Fire Chief”; “Obsidian”

HEUCHERELLA, NEW IN 2017 “Buttered Rum”

NEW IN 2017 HIBISCUS, Russian, Kitaibelia vitifolia

NEW IN 2017 HIBISCUS cannabinus, Kenaf

HOLLYHOCK, Alcea rosea, “Outhouse Hollyhocks”; NEW IN 2017 “Dwarf Queeny Mix”

HONEYSUCKLE, BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND IN 2017 Lonicera sempervirens, “Major Wheeler”

HORSERADISH, Armoracia rusticana

HOSTA, MINIATURE “Electrocution”; also unnamed green, gold, white variegated varieties

HYDRANGEA arborscens, “Annabelle”; H. paniculata grandiflora (“Pee-Gee”); NEW IN 2017 Hydrangea serrate “Beni”

HYPERICUM calycinum, St. John’s Wort

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND in 2017 INDIAN PINK, Spigelia marilandica

IRIS, Louisiana, “Ann Chowning”; I. sibirica, blue Siberian Iris; I. sibirica, white Siberian, “Snowcrest”; I. sibirica “Caesar’s Brother”; Iris, “walking” (house plant), Neomarica gracilis; I. pseudacorus, yellow flag; NEW in 2017 I. sibirica, “Silver Edge”; NEW in 2017 Iris “Carl Amason”; Bearded Iris “Grand Canyon”; see also Blackberry Lily

ITEA virginica, Virginia sweet spire, “Henry’s Garnet”

JADE TREES, Crassula ovata (house plant)

JAPANESE MAPLE TREES, Acer palmatus and A. japonica, several different collector varieties

NEW IN 2017 JOB’S TEARS, Coix lacryma-jobi

NEW IN 2017 KALE, dwarf Siberian

KENILWORTH IVY, see Cymbalaria muralis

KERRIA, a.k.a. EASTER ROSE, Kerria japonica

LADY’S MANTLE, Alchemilla mollis; dwarf Lady’s Mantle

LAMB’S EAR, Stachys byzantina

LAMIUM purpureum, purple dead nettle

LENTEN ROSE, NEW IN 2017 “Ballerina Ruffles”; “Wedding Ruffles”; “Snow Love”; Helleborus orientalis (unnamed cultivars)

LESPEDEZA, bush pea

NEW IN 2017 LETTUCE, “Heirloom Cutting”; “Harris Blend”; “Parris Island Cos”; Mizuna “Red Streaks”; Siamese Dragon Stir Fry Mix; Red Wing Mix; Rocky Top Mix

LIGULARIA, “Desdemona”; NEW FOR 2017 L. przewalskii, “Przewalski’s leopardplant”

LILAC, old-fashioned; Syringa pubescens subsp. patula, “Miss Kim”

LILY OF THE VALLEY, Convallaria majalis

Asiatic LILIES: NEW AND BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND FOR THE 2017 SALE “Tiny Ghost” (dwarf); “Tiny Sensation” (dwarf); “Tiny Padhye” (dwarf); “Vermeer”; “Summer Breeze”; “Black Out”; “Strawberry & Cream”; “Double Sensation”

"Stargazer" Lily

“Stargazer” Lily

Oriental LILIES (highly fragrant): NEW FOR THE 2017 SALE “Sunny Bonaire” (dwarf); “Sunny Keys” (dwarf); “Stargazer”; “Pink Romance”; “Fleeting Romance”; “Thalita”; “Cassandra”; “Zirconia” (trumpet); “Regale” (trumpet)

NEW in 2017 Regal LILIES

LILY, see also Rain Lily

NEW in 2017 LIMNANTHES douglasii, Poached Egg

 LOOSTRIFE, FRINGED, Lysimachia ciliata “Firecracker”

LUPINE, dwarf “Pixies Delight”; “Russell Mix”

NEW IN 2017 MAGNOLIA virginiana, sweetbay magnolia; M. stellata, Star magnolia


MARIGOLD, “Crackerjack”; NEW IN 2017 Mexican marigold, Tagetes lucida

MASTERWORT, Astrantia major; NEW FOR 2017, “Star of Fire”


MEADOW RUE, Thalictrum aquilegifolium

MEADOWSWEET, see Filipendula ulmaria

MEXICAN SPOTTED BAMBOO, Polygonum cuspidatum

MINT, Chocolate

MOCK ORANGE trees, Philadelphus

MONARDA, see Bee Balm


MONKSHOOD, a.k.a. ‘Wolfsbane,’ Aconitum napellus

NEW IN 2017 MONKEY FLOWER, yellow, Mimulus luteus, “Queen’s Prize”


NEW IN 2017 MORNING GLORY, dwarf, Convolvulus tricolor “Ensign Mix”; “Chocolate White Edge”; “Kikyozaki Mixed”

MOUNTAIN BLUET, see Centaurea montana

NASTURTIUM Tropaeolum, “Empress of India”; Canary Vine, Tropaeolum peregrinum; NEW IN 2017 “Sahin’s Paso Double”

NEW IN 2017 NICOTIANA mutabilis, flowering tobacco; dwarf, “Starmaker Lime”

NEW IN 2017 NIGELLA, “African Bride”

NEW IN 2017 OKRA, “Cajun Jewel Dwarf”

 OREGANO, GOLDEN, Origanum vulgare “Aureum”

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND IN 2017 OXALIS deppei, “Iron Cross”

PACHYSANDRA, Pachysandra Terminalis “Japanese Spurge”; NEW IN 2017, P. procumbens, Allegheny pachysandra

PAINTER’S PALETTE, Persicaria virginiana var. Filiformis

PAPAVER, see Poppy

PARSLEY, Italian

PEA, “Tom Thumb”; NEW IN 2017 PEA, dwarf Blauwschokkers, “Desiree”

PELARGONIUM, hot-house Geranium (annual), NEW IN 2017 “Brocade Cherry Night”

PENSTEMON, Penstemon Digitalis “HUCKSTER RED”; NEW IN 2017 “Dark Towers”

PEONY, NEW IN 2017 “Edulis-Superba”; “Sarah Bernhardt”

NEW IN 2017 PEPPER, “Ashe County Pimento Sweet Pepper”

PERIWINKLE, Vinca minor


"Cherry Caramel" Phlox

“Cherry Caramel” Phlox

PHLOX, PURPLE GARDEN, Phlox paniculata; NEW IN 2017 “Cherry Caramel,” annual Phlox; “Sugar Stars,” annual Phlox; white perennial Phlox “David”

PLUM TREE, American plums, Prunus americana

PLUME POPPY, Macleaya cordata

POPPY, California; NEW IN 2017 breadseed, “Hens and Chicks”; Corn poppies, “Shirley Single Mix” and “American Legion”

QUEEN OF THE PRAIRIE, see Filipendula rubra

NEW IN 2017 RADISH, “French Breakfast”

NEW IN 2017 RAGGED ROBIN CAMPION, Lychnis flos-cuculi

RAIN LILY, Zephyranthes

RASPBERRIES, “Anne” yellow; “Bristol” black

REDBUD TREES, Cercis canadensis

ROSE CAMPION, Lychnis coronaria

NEW in 2017 RUBARB

RUDBECKIA, see Black-Eyed Susan

RUSSIAN SAGE, Perovskia atriplicifolia

SAGE, see Salvia

SAINT JOHN’S WORT, see Hypericum

SALVIA coccinea, NEW IN 2017 “Summer Jewel”; S. officinalis, culinary sage; S. sclarea, Clary sage

NEW IN 2017 SASSAFRAS trees (2-3 foot),

SEDGE, BROAD LEAF, Carex siderosticha variegata; PALM SEDGE, “Oheme,” Carex muskingumensis

SEDUM, Hylotelephium telephium ‘AUTUMN JOY’; other various cultivars

SHASTA DAISY, NEW IN 2017 Leucanthemum “Broadway Lights”

SILVER KING WORMWOOD, see Artemesia Ludoviciana

NEW IN 2017 SINNINGIA tubiflora, dwarf hardy Gloxinia

SNAKEROOT, CHOCOLATE, Ageratina altissima

SNOW-ON-THE-MOUNTAIN, a.k.a. BISHOP’S WEED, Aegopodium podagraria “Variegatum”

SNOWBALL BUSHES, see under Viburnum

SNOWDROPS, Galanthus

SOLOMON’S SEAL, DWARF, Polygonatum humile “Tom Thumb”; variegated Solomon’s Seal

NEW in 2017 SOURWOOD trees, Oxydendron

NEW IN 2017 SPICEBUSH, Lindera benzoin

SPIDERWORT, see Tradescantia

SPINY BEAR’S BREECHES, Acanthus spinosus and A. mollis

SPURGE, Euphorbia dulcis (purple)

STOCK, Matthiola incana NEW IN 2017 “Hot Cakes”

STRAWBERRIES, NEW IN 2017, “Cavendish”

STRAWFLOWER, Everlasting, “Tall Double Mix”; NEW IN 2017 STRAWFLOWER, Acroclinum, “Double Giant Flowered”

NEW IN 2017 SUNFLOWER, “Firecracker”; “Spot Cola,” dwarf; “Hopi Dye”

NEW IN 2017 SWEET PEA, “Nimbus”; “Oxford/Cambridge”; “Knee Hi”; “Old Spice Mix”


SWEET WOODRUFF, Galium odoratum

SWISS CHARD, see Chard

TANSY, Tanacetum vulgare “ISLA GOLD”; and common Feverfew

TASSLE FLOWER, Emilia coccinea

NEW IN 2017 THELESPERMA burridgeanum, Burridge’s greenthread

TIARELLA, NEW IN 2017 “Candy Striper”; “Oakleaf”

TOAD LILY, VARIEGATED, Tricyrtis macropoda “Tricolor”




Native Blue Vervain

Native Blue Vervain

NEW IN 2017 Verbena hastata, native Blue Vervain

VERBASCUM chaixii f. album, “Wedding Candles”; Verbascum “Southern Charm”

VERBENA-ON-A-STICK, Verbena bonariensis

VIBURNUM BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND in 2017 Snowball Bushes, Viburnum opulus roseum; NEW IN 2017 Nannyberry, Viburnum lentago

VINCA, see Periwinkle

VIOLETS, various cultivars including “Sorbet”; NEW IN 2017 Viola walteri “Silver Gem”; NEW IN 2017 Viola “Coconut Swirl”

VIRGINIA SWEETSPIRE, see Itea virginica

NEW IN 2017 WHEAT, black ornamental

WOODRUFF, see Sweet Woodruff

NEW IN 2017 YARROW, “Cerise Queen”; fern-leaf yarrow

ZINNIA, purple and carmen rose; giant purple


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