Aug 282011

The month of August 2011 has passed, and once again Congresswoman Virginia Foxx managed to get through another Congressional recess without holding a single open town hall meeting.

The one and only truly open town hall she’s ever held was in Statesville on March 15, 2010, but even then she insisted that all questions be written on paper and submitted through her aide Todd Poole. The clear impression was that Poole was screening the questions for the congresswoman.

Foxx, like many of her fellow conservative Republicans in Congress, has come to favor the “dial-in” town hall. The last of those she held was on June 8, 2010. Very few callers got through – a dozen or so – and the callers wee clearly screened before being allowed to ask a question.

Foxx appears in public under carefully controlled circumstances, usually when the audience is guaranteed to be on her side or when local public officials have become supplicants for Federal hand-outs.

She has been known to say “write me a letter if you disagree with me.” Those who have been on the receiving end of those letters know that she relies exclusively on Republican boilerplate and conservative talking points. She can be rude and brusque.

She has literally run away from a citizen with a video camera trying to get answers to why she voted the way she did. She almost fell off a stage in Mocksville whirling away from a constituent who represented the local Democratic Party. She turned her back on an audience at a Boone Chamber of Commerce event when they demanded that she answer questions.

The inescapable conclusion is that she’s deeply afraid of disagreement. For all her iron lady manners, she’s as brittle and as fragile as a unicorn in a glass menagerie. She likes to brag that the 5th District of North Carolina supports her views overwhelmingly. If that’s true – and, hell! Perhaps it is – then why is she so afraid to face the voters?

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