Feb 132012

I’m excited to be running again for the N C House to represent the citizens of Watauga and Ashe Counties (District 93). I’m running because I believe in the goodness, greatness and exciting future of North Carolina, especially Watauga and Ashe. We all know what has happened in Raleigh this past session. We’ve seen the cuts in education at all levels. We’ve seen teacher lay-offs across our state along with college and community college staff and faculty. We’ve seen the lack of civility, the post mid-night sessions and the lack of transparency.  I’m running because I want North Carolina to be a leader in providing the very best education possible for our young people. I’m running because I want to support our teachers, not lay them off or make their jobs more difficult.  I’m running because I want North Carolina to have jobs for all our working citizens. I’m running because I want to represent the middle class citizens of our district so that they can provide for their families. I’m running to represent our small businesses who are the real job creators in our district. I want North Carolina to be a business friendly state that will welcome outside businesses to move here and provided jobs.

When I served before, keeping the citizens of the district informed about what was going on in Raleigh was a priority. Party affiliation didn’t matter. I worked for you, getting things done for the district. If I’m successful, that’s what I’ll do again.


Former Representative Tarleton also rolled out a campaign ad today! (Click here to hear it now!)

The transcript of the ad reads:

Hello. This is Cullie Tarleton. I’ve just filed to run as your representative for the state house and wanted to give you a heads up before you get bombarded with false, negative attack ads paid for by rich, powerful special interest groups. Consider this message as a vaccine to keep you safe from false and misleading ads and mailers that will soon be coming. Mailers featuring me in funny hats and ugly faces that tell you lies about my past service to you. These mailers will be coming from some very rich and powerful so called power brokers in Raleigh who want to make sure I don’t take this seat back for the hard working people in our district. They will say and do anything to make sure they hang on to power for my opponent who sits in Raleigh to do their bidding instead of yours. When the mailers start coming, just remind yourself, here’s another mean and mis-leading mailer from those rich, extreme special interest in Raleigh trying to buy this election. We need to be focused on jobs, education and the middle class, not mailers that lie about my service. I can be out spent, but I can’t be bought off and I wanted you to know the truth before you hear the lies.

Paid for by Tarleton for State House

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