Sep 052013

Click here to see the Letter from David Robertson, Director of Student Programs at Appalachian State to the Local Board of Elections concerning the Legends polling location.

Click here to see another Letter from David Robertson on the new Student Union location.

Aug 272013

1. Have your voice heard! Send the local and State Board of Elections a message and let them know you’re opposed to voter suppression in all of it’s forms. Sign the petition here:

2. Donate to the cause! Go to and help fund the movement

3. Like the Watauga Democratic Party Facebook page to get updates on what’s happening:

4. Click here to volunteer to help fight back by making phone calls, helping with data entry, or helping organize voters around voting rights!

5. Join us in Raleigh on Tuesday, September 3rd at 1pm for the State Board of Elections hearing on Kathleen Campbells proposed alternative Early Voting Plan. Click here to let us know you’re coming!


Feb 132012

I’m excited to be running again for the N C House to represent the citizens of Watauga and Ashe Counties (District 93). I’m running because I believe in the goodness, greatness and exciting future of North Carolina, especially Watauga and Ashe. We all know what has happened in Raleigh this past session. We’ve seen the cuts in education at all levels. We’ve seen teacher lay-offs across our state along with college and community college staff and faculty. We’ve seen the lack of civility, the post mid-night sessions and the lack of transparency.  I’m running because I want North Carolina to be a leader in providing the very best education possible for our young people. I’m running because I want to support our teachers, not lay them off or make their jobs more difficult.  I’m running because I want North Carolina to have jobs for all our working citizens. I’m running because I want to represent the middle class citizens of our district so that they can provide for their families. I’m running to represent our small businesses who are the real job creators in our district. I want North Carolina to be a business friendly state that will welcome outside businesses to move here and provided jobs.

When I served before, keeping the citizens of the district informed about what was going on in Raleigh was a priority. Party affiliation didn’t matter. I worked for you, getting things done for the district. If I’m successful, that’s what I’ll do again.


Former Representative Tarleton also rolled out a campaign ad today! (Click here to hear it now!)

The transcript of the ad reads:

Hello. This is Cullie Tarleton. I’ve just filed to run as your representative for the state house and wanted to give you a heads up before you get bombarded with false, negative attack ads paid for by rich, powerful special interest groups. Consider this message as a vaccine to keep you safe from false and misleading ads and mailers that will soon be coming. Mailers featuring me in funny hats and ugly faces that tell you lies about my past service to you. These mailers will be coming from some very rich and powerful so called power brokers in Raleigh who want to make sure I don’t take this seat back for the hard working people in our district. They will say and do anything to make sure they hang on to power for my opponent who sits in Raleigh to do their bidding instead of yours. When the mailers start coming, just remind yourself, here’s another mean and mis-leading mailer from those rich, extreme special interest in Raleigh trying to buy this election. We need to be focused on jobs, education and the middle class, not mailers that lie about my service. I can be out spent, but I can’t be bought off and I wanted you to know the truth before you hear the lies.

Paid for by Tarleton for State House

Dec 222011

Wilkesboro – This week, Congresswoman Virginia Fox took to the House floor and once again embarrassed the people of North Carolina.  During the debate on extending the payroll tax cut, Ms. Foxx referred to the bipartisan 2 month extension passed by 89 Senators as “manure not worthy of our consideration.”

“89 Senators agreeing to anything is worthy of her consideration.  This is just another in a long line of intemperate statements from Ms. Foxx as she continues to put Washington and extremism above the people she claims to represent,” said 5th District Candidate Treva Johnson.

Johnson continued, “She is giving taxpayers a big lump of coal for Christmas in the form of a tax increase.  That’s not okay.  Virginia Foxx should quit playing poker with her constituent’s wallets before the holidays and get the people’s business done.”

Johnson, who has declared her candidacy for the Congressional seat currently held by Mrs. Foxx, lives in Roaring River with her husband Alan and three children. She is North Carolina State Director of Omni Visions, Inc., a four-state agency providing therapeutic foster care as well as mental health and intellectual and developmental disabilities services for children and adults.

Aug 202011

By Pam Williamson

Okay, then.  Sometimes you just have to go back to the drawing board.

There’s no question most of us are frustrated with what’s been happening up in Washington, and it’s well past the time that Democrats got their gumption back. The November 2012 elections are right around the corner, and our national party’s focus and messaging and “strategery” could use some serious rethinking. Here’s hoping they can get their act together soon. Like yesterday.

But just as important (if not more important) is that we need all hands on deck for the statewide and local elections next year. Let’s face it. We’ve got some crushing problems down in Raleigh. We lost our majority in both the state House and Senate last year, and North Carolinians have been paying dearly for it. In fact, we’ve made “The 10 Craziest State Legislatures in America List.”

“In this year’s budget, North Carolina saw its largest decline in spending in 30 years. The budget, enacted over a gubernatorial veto, will lead to the firing of teachers, the elimination of drug courts and a weakening of environmental regulations. The governor also vetoed a restrictive voter identification bill. Other key provisions passed by the legislature include relaxing regulation on interest rates, destroying the public campaign financing system, requiring women seeking abortions to first listen to right-wing propaganda and cutting funding for Planned Parenthood.”

THANK GOD for our Governor, Beverly Perdue! She is our veto firewall. We need to do everything in our power to ensure her a second term.

Locally, the Keystone Kops are in control. The Republican county commissioners call for public hearings on education needs and then scold the public for weighing in. They borrow from Peter to pay Paul. They refuse to fully fund Watauga education and instead waste time and taxpayer money on threatening lawsuits against other local governments. They spend hours complaining about having to mow sections of the Greenway instead of looking for ways to expand it.

The Watauga County Democratic Party is determined to recruit and field excellent, fearless, and progressive candidates to do our part in saving the state and the county from the blatantly radical and foolish agenda in both Raleigh and the county.

Join your local Party’s efforts today: send money, volunteer, join a committee, run for office, attend a meeting. The Republican corporate agenda has been in the works for over 30 plus years:  an entire generation. We don’t have another generation to stop it.

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