Dec 142017
UNC Board of Govs: "My Speech Is Freer Than Your Speech"

By Dr. Michael C. Behrent and Dr. Jay M. Smith, for NC Policy Watch: “All speech is free, but some speech is more free than others.” This seems to be the motto of the current members of the University of North Carolina’s Board of Governors and their General Assembly backers. Like the dictatorial pigs in [more]

Mar 062017
Virginia Foxx Fails To Show Up for 'Tea and Cookies'

Letter to the Editor, High Country Press: High Country Forward, a grass roots community group, sponsored a Tea and Cookies event on King Street on Saturday that reminded me why I love living in Boone. Nearly one hundred people filled F.A.R.M. Café and patiently listened for two hours as citizens spoke with civility, passion, and concern [more]

Jan 262017
What I Saw During the Women's March on Washington

By Grace McEntee, Cove Creek Precinct, Watauga County: I could have left for Washington from Boone, but I wanted to go with my two sisters, so I drove to Alabama where the three of us boarded Birmingham Bus #2 — completely full of marchers — for the 13-hour trip to D. C. (going back over [more]

Nov 072016
Two Different Visions for Watauga’s Future

By Diane Tilson It is becoming increasingly apparent that the people running for Watauga County Commission have two very different ideas of Watuaga’s future. Or perhaps I should say, one proactive vision of the future and one reactive lack of vision. On the one hand are the current majority on the commission, who are content [more]

Oct 112016
Don’t You Believe It

By Susan Phipps Our political leaders in Raleigh seem to be having a little trouble with reality these days. After years of starving public education in North Carolina, our elected state leaders are now claiming that North Carolina schools and teachers are better off than ever. Don’t you believe it. Three main points in recent [more]

Sep 122016
Eating Our Seed Corn

By Larry Turnbow Watauga County needs a forward-thinking Commission. The folks who control political decisions in this county have a history of making poor choices … choices that waste taxpayer money and leave the majority of our people worse off. Let me give you a couple of examples. The pool. It was built as an [more]

Aug 152016
Raleigh and the Big Bad Bills

by Diane Tilson For years, North Carolina was governed by Moderate Consensus … whether the Governor was Jim Hunt (a Democrat) or Jim Martin (a Republican), the folks in Raleigh supported roads, schools, racial civility, and a healthy business climate, and pretty much left us folks up here in the mountains alone. That changed six [more]

Aug 012016
Volunteer Appreciation (And Yes, I Am Intolerant About a Few Things)

by Christina Welch, at the WataugaDems Volunteer Appreciation Party, July 31, 2016: In college I was very involved in politics. It might surprise you, but I was the State Secretary of the NC College Republicans. It was through this experience that I quickly realized what the Republican brand was all about. The Republican message that [more]

Jul 142016
Welcome to Your New State Taxes

by Marsha Walpole If you’ve gotten the oil in your car changed recently, you’ve probably found that it costs more than you expected. That’s because, starting March 1, services like oil changes and car repairs became subject to a new sales tax in North Carolina. The State Legislature upped our taxes not only on car [more]

Jul 102016
Door-Knocking Confessional

  By Dylan Rhoney, Organizer for the North Carolina Democratic Coordinated Campaign: I had my saddest experience on the job yesterday: I was knocking doors, asking people if they were registered to vote. A young African-American boy, probably between 4 and 6 years old, answered the door. I asked him if his parents were home, [more]

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