Josh Stein Will Keynote Watauga Democratic Party's Fall Rally

Josh Stein Will Keynote Watauga Democratic Party’s Fall Rally

Josh Stein, Democratic candidate for North Carolina Attorney General, will be the keynote speaker at the Fall Rally of the Watauga County Democratic Party on Saturday, October 8, in the Central Dining Hall at Appalachian State University. The rally is hosted by the ASU College Democrats. The rally will kick off at 5:00 p.m. with [more]

Don't Believe McCrory's Propaganda About Education Spending

Don’t Believe McCrory’s Propaganda About Education Spending

By Susan Shepherd Phipps, retired Watauga County educator: • There are quite a few claims being made in political ads lately that should be viewed with a skeptical eye. #1. “NC is giving its teachers the greatest salary increase of any state in the nation.” This is only true because the “average” increase of 4.7% [more]

Eating Our Seed Corn

Eating Our Seed Corn

By Larry Turnbow Watauga County needs a forward-thinking Commission. The folks who control political decisions in this county have a history of making poor choices … choices that waste taxpayer money and leave the majority of our people worse off. Let me give you a couple of examples. The pool. It was built as an [more]



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